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about us

We at Healthquad understand that Good Health is a Journey - a Data-Empowered Journey. We are working to revolutionize Personal Preventive Healthcare that will enable our consumer to shift from reacting to illness to proactively protecting their health.

The digital health sector is disrupting how health & medical information is obtained and disseminated and we believe Consumers should be participants in their own well being by having access to all aspects of their health. Healthquad is envisioning that possibility through offering a one-stop platform that will aggregate tools & knowledge that will provide medical test results, diagnosis, health indicators, explanations of illnesses, monitoring of high-risk patients to determine the likelihood of a major health event etc. It will help transform data into actionable knowledge and prove the positive impact of technology on health. 


Healthquad’s perpetual & eventual goal is to make Preventive Health the priority by offering tools that promote good physical, mental & social health for all life-stages & ages.

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